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Winterize Your Floors With Epoxy!

Don’t let the harsh elements of the season damage your floors. Learn how epoxy can revitalize the spaces underfoot today!

Winter can be a polarizing season but anyone can embrace the cooler temperatures and make the most of it! Whether you thrive when the temperatures drop or you’re already counting down the days until spring, winter is the perfect time to work on repairs and upgrades in your home. As frost begins to plague your lawn, shift your focus to the floors that are in need of some serious attention. From porches and patios to garages, Island Epoxy can help winterize your spaces underfoot with a fresh and decorative concrete coating!

Given its durability, ease of maintenance, and cost effectiveness, a decorative concrete coating is just what your floor needs to brace the harsh elements during the winter and all year long.

It is no surprise that snow, ice, dirt, sand, salt, and other chemicals frequently make their way into garages and all over porches and patios during the colder months but many people are surprised by how much havoc these materials can wreak on a surface. Avoid the cost, time, and stress of having to repair your concrete by choosing a reliable and durable coating that employs proper maintenance from the start. Epoxy adds a durable and protective layer to existing concrete that may already be experiencing common forms of damage like crumbling, separation, and cracking. Due to the porous nature of concrete, it can easily become oversaturated during the winter months and even though a garage is indoors, this surface is still subject to abrasive elements tracked in by shoes or tires. This is why epoxy is becoming an increasingly popular flooring option. Finishing your concrete with an epoxy coating is a great way to ensure your floor is well taken care of and resistant to wear and tear. Epoxy creates a shield between your concrete and the outside world, guarding it from chemicals, stains, and a litany of other elements that can damage it and cost you more money.

In addition to its naturally durable nature, epoxy is an advantageous choice due to its simple upkeep. As a result of the concrete being covered, there is an overall reduction of dust and cement particles released onto other surfaces in your garage because the primary source of residual concrete is contained. And, unlike a regular concrete floor that is coarse and brittle, you can easily sweep and maintain the shiny and resilient surface of epoxy.

Lastly, customers find epoxy to be one of the most cost effective flooring options on the market today. It provides a long-term solution to keeping damage at bay and it requires fewer materials for installation and does not need to be replaced continuously. Many types of flooring utilize lots of tools and supplies for installation and upkeep but epoxy simplifies and streamlines the process which means a reduced cost for a great flooring solution.

Winter doesn’t have to be a punishing season, especially not for your floors. If you’re looking for a flooring option that is durable, easy to maintain, and ultimately cost effective this season, look no further than a decorative concrete coating that can be applied right over your concrete!

Are you ready to give your concrete a break from the outdoor elements by protecting them with epoxy? Contact island epoxy today to discover the best solution for your flooring needs!

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