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Five Times Epoxy Stole The Show (And Our Hearts)

There is a lot of truth in the concept that floors can make or break a home; there are certain kinds of flooring that just don’t work well with specific house designs. However, there is no question that a concrete floor polished with epoxy can create a stylish, durable, and seamless space, inside and out. These floor coatings give off a top-quality shine that can complement many types of rooms. Let’s take a look at Five Times Epoxy Stole The Show (And Our Hearts).

1. Let’s be real, your patio is a multi-season entertainment zone so stained and cracked surfaces just won’t do. Here’s a patio refinished with a strong epoxy resin.

2. A colorful, shiny epoxy floor coating in the garage will have you, and your car, feeling like you’re driving into a showroom when you come home.

3. The front porch aesthetic is the epitome of curb appeal so you want to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. Island Epoxy can transform the oldest, most worn down porches into beautiful outdoor spaces that will have every passerby oohing and aahing.

4. Sunrooms are a Southern staple and the perfect way to feel like you are outdoors even when the weather is not the most inviting. Make this coveted area of the home even more long-lasting with a seamless epoxy coating.

5. Many people neglect choosing epoxy but these coatings are decorative, durable, and dynamic. Give your garage floor a tough finish that is beautiful, long-lasting, and easy to maintain with Island Epoxy!

Thanks for checking out five of our epoxy flooring projects! Remember, a new look doesn’t require a grand remodel, sometimes a fresh coating on the floor will do the trick.

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