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The Rich History Behind Epoxy Flooring

Discover the origin of the south’s most beloved flooring.

These days, homeowners across the south turn to epoxy floor coatings for their indoor and outdoor needs. Porches, patios, and garages have all found a seamlessly beautiful finish with consumers receiving peace of mind knowing that their floors are protected for years to come. Given the minimal maintenance, stylish appearance, and long-lasting durability, it is no wonder epoxy floor coatings have become the premiere choice in flooring in recent years. This flooring phenomenon has taken over every industry but where did it begin?

While epoxy resins were first used commercially in the United States in 1946, epoxy itself has been around for over 100 years. Russian chemists started mixing epoxy compounds in the early 20th century with a primary focus on the marine and industrial fields. In these initial conductions, epoxy was simply used as a primer to enhance the adhesion of paints that are utilized as a final coating to hulls and decks.

Dr. Pierre Castam of Switzerland began synthesizing the first commercial epoxy polymer in 1936 and, with the help of Dr. S.O. Greenlee, developed the first patented epoxy resin. Immediately recognized for its excellent adhesion, resistance to harsh elements, and sleek appearance, quickly boosted this type of flooring to the forefront of the industry.

By the 1950s, the use of epoxy expanded to include woodwork, construction, and aerospace. The versatile nature of the resin has allowed it to retain relevancy in a variety of settings; from its flexibility to its rigidity and its transparency to its opaqueness. Not to mention, in comparison to other types of adhesives, epoxy substances are more heat and chemical resistant. The eventual push of the product into the everyday home can be attributed to its long-lasting, easy to clean, and undeniably durable qualities.

With a century-old history turning drab to fab, epoxy flooring has proven to be an ideal choice for homeowners wanting a seamless installation, wide variety of colors and designs, and a finished product that saves time and money. For coastal South Carolina residents looking for flooring that maximizes durability and appearance while minimizing cost and maintenance, nothing beats Island Epoxy!

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